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High School Graduation Initiative also known as School Dropout Prevention Program

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Dropout Prevention in Rural America

Please visit the Rural Dropout Prevention Project Website for more information about this project.

Tools and Publications

Promoting Student Success in Algebra I Project


RESEARCH BRIEFS:  Provide short summaries of existing research that can be used by the field to gain an understanding of the relevant evidence for each of the five strategies.

PERSPECTIVE BRIEFS: Provide short summaries of how school-based practitioners and district-level policymakers think about and use research on each of the five strategy areas.

PROFILES OF PRACTICE TECHNICAL ASSITANCE TOOLS: Provide in-depth descriptions of the implementation of the five strategies. These tools can be used by districts and schools as they develop and implement similar promising practices for promoting student success in Algebra I.


WEBINAR SERIES: Summarizes the findings about the strategies from the first two phases of the project, reviewing existing research and understanding practitioners’ perspectives about the research.

Early Warning Indicators and Segmentation Analysis:  A Technical Guide on Data Studies That Inform Dropout Prevention and Recovery

IES Dropout Prevention Practice Guide

NCES reports on Dropout Rates in the United States

New Resources

Last Modified: 10/12/2017