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Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program

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FY 2006 Awards

The Department funded two new projects in FY 2006.

Arizona Department of Education
Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will collaborate with reservation-based public school districts; tribal leaders, youth and community members; colleges and state and tribal social service and behavioral health agencies to develop and implement a culturally appropriate dropout prevention model program for two school districts with among the highest dropout rates in the state: the White Mountain and San Carlos Apache Tribes. Evidence-based dropout prevention strategies will be adapted and tested with over 1,000 students attending the high schools on the two reservations, and the project will share the new model with other tribal school districts.

Key strategies will include: a) Native American community involvement in program development; b) establishment of a Native American Dropout Prevention Workgroup within ADE; c) Native American youth leadership development with a Popular Opinion Leader model; d) establishment of teams to encourage school attendance; e) intensive tutoring to increase AIMS test scores; f) mentoring of re-entered students by Tribal employees; g) culturally competent training for teachers in engaging Native American youth; h) social marketing promoting education through tribal media and tribal sporting events; and I) behavioral health, substance abuse prevention, teen parent support groups, and other supports for staying in school.

Texas Education Agency
Austin, Texas

To address the needs of students who are at risk of not completing high school and students who dropped out and are re-entering high school, the Texas Education Agency will collaborate with Communities In Schools, a stay-in-school program which offers comprehensive student evaluation and case management models; Texas' regional education service centers, institutions designed to aid state, district, and campus administrators in their efforts to increase student achievement; and Big Brothers Big Sisters, a nationwide organization which strives to build caring and productive relationships between students and adults.

The Texas School Dropout Prevention and Reentry Program has four major objectives: 1) to expand current personal graduation plans by replicating comprehensive models; 2) to increase partnerships between high schools and other organizations to leverage dropout prevention and reentry resources; 3) to develop statewide capacity for implementing specific intervention strategies; and 4) to evaluate the effectiveness of the state's school dropout prevention program and inform state dropout prevention policy. Offering a comprehensive set of support services through partnerships with government and community-based organizations will allow schools to more effectively address both the academic and social pressures shown to influence dropping out.

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