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Texas Tech University (TTU) is a large public research extensive institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. TTU uses several delivery modalities for its graduate distance degree programs including the Internet, CD-ROM, two-way interactive video, and videotape. The primary delivery modality for the Bachelor of General Studies is print-based correspondence, though approximately 70 percent of the courses are available in a self-paced format on the Internet.

Texas Tech has the following programs approved for distance education or through 50 percent or more distance delivery to one of our five off-campus educational sites:

  • Doctor of Education in Agricultural Education (joint program with Texas A&M University);
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Communication and Rhetoric;
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership;
  • Master of Education in Instructional Technology;
  • Master of Education in Language Literacy Education;
  • Master of Education in Special Education;
  • Master of Engineering;
  • Master of Science in Computer Science;
  • Master of Science in Software Engineering;
  • Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management;
  • Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Gerontology (offered through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance);
  • Master of Science in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management;
  • Master of Agriculture;
  • Master of Science in Crop Science;
  • Master of Science in Horticulture;
  • Master of Arts in Technical Communication;
  • Bachelor of General Studies;
  • Bachelor of Science in Horticulture;
  • Post-baccalaureate Program in K-12 Principal Preparation;
  • Post-baccalaureate Program in K-12 Superintendent Preparation;
  • Post-baccalaureate Program in Family and Consumer Sciences Education;
  • Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Human Development and Family Studies (Gerontology) (offered through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance).

All programs except the Bachelor of General Studies are term-based; the Bachelor of General Studies program is non-term based, and students who do not receive federal financial aid have up to six months to complete each course. Students who receive federal financial aid in a payment period are responsible for completing each course listed in their financial aid agreement within a fifteen-week time frame.


Texas Tech has been granted waivers of the requirements for a minimum number of weeks of instruction for an academic year and an eligible program, and the definition of a week of instruction (which together comprise the 12 hour rule); waivers of the 50 percent rules; and of the definition of a full-time student that precludes a correspondence student from being considered a full-time student.

Financial Aid Issues and Alternatives

The institution's goal is to broaden access to federal financial aid for distance education students by developing models for awarding aid to students enrolled in term-based and non-term-based distance learning programs and for those taking a combination of term-based and non-term-based courses to fulfill degree requirements.

Additional Goals for Participation

Additionally, Texas Tech hopes to increase enrollments in and graduation from their distance education degree programs, and to determine the effectiveness of distance education degree programs by conducting on-going evaluation of all distance education programs, including the development of profiles of successful distance learning students.

Consortial Agreements, Partnerships or Other Relationships

Joint doctoral program with Texas A&M University; Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (member of alliance; participating in the master's and graduate certificate programs in Gerontology, but not participating in the Family Financial Planning degree); Texas Education Agency Family and Consumer Sciences Distance Education Consortium.

Demonstration Program Cohort

Texas Tech University joined the Distance Education Demonstration Program in July 1999, as part of the initial cohort.

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Last Modified: 04/16/2007