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Jones International University (JIU) is a private for-profit institution of higher education. Founded in 1993 and launched in 1995, JIU is a fully accredited institution of higher education whose mission is to offer courses and degrees of high quality at undergraduate and graduate levels through sound curricula, innovative delivery of instruction through technology, and a commitment to relevant, readily available, and student-centered service for a geographically dispersed student body. Since inception, the mission of JIU has been to meet the needs of adult learners by providing high-quality instruction and exceptional services to its students.

The following academic programs are offered entirely online:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Master of Arts in Business Communication
  • Master of Education (M.Ed. with three specializations for K-12 teachers and administrators)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed. with three specializations offered in English and Spanish)
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A. with seven specializations offered in English and Spanish)

To support individual career and learning goals, JIU students have several options for specialization within each primary degree program. JIU has a unique, multi-tiered faculty structure comprised of content experts and practitioners in their respective fields of study. JIU courses encourage a high level of interaction between students and instructors contributing to a sense of community and collaboration. JIU serves a diverse student population, with students residing in over 70 countries.

JIU courses are eight weeks in length and are offered within 16-week standard terms. The academic year consists of two terms and is 32 weeks in length. Because courses start monthly, there are twelve start dates for a student-based academic year. Students beginning a program at the same time are part of a cohort and are encouraged to remain with that cohort throughout the program.


In 1999, JIU was fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a member of the North Central Association, a U.S. regional accrediting agency. In February 2004, the HLC and the Institutional Actions Council voted to continue the accreditation of JIU for a term of seven years.


Jones International University offers courses and programs solely via the Internet. JIU has been granted waivers of each of the 50 percent rules necessary to establish the eligibility of the University to participate in Title IV, HEA programs.

Financial Aid Issues/Alternatives

With the goal of providing expanded opportunities for eligible students with financial need to participate in JIU's totally online institution with its unique Internet-based educational programs, JIU began offering its students access to Federal Student Aid (FSA) in January 2004.

JIU will be administering financial aid to students who are geographically dispersed and who receive their education completely online. The administration of student aid must be as seamless and student-centric as the online course delivery, while insuring the integrity of the Title IV program. Title IV will be administered electronically.

JIU, at its core, is innovative, flexible, and centered around the needs of working adults. In order to participate in Title IV and maximize the benefits to students, JIU moved from a non-term, completely flexible model to a more structured, standard term model. While the student aid model is consistent with statutory and regulatory provisions, it may limit the flexibility to meet the needs of working adults.

Additional JIU Goals for Participation in the Distance Education Demonstration Program

In addition to the goal of providing FSA to its students, JIU also has the following goals under the Distance Education Demonstration Program:

  1. To provide the opportunity for Title IV-eligible students living outside of the United States to enroll in and complete degree programs entirely online.
  2. To provide access to Internet-based programs in Spanish to the increasing number of Title IV-eligible students who do not have access to higher education because of limited English proficiency.
  3. To evaluate the effect of Title IV funding on student retention and completion in an entirely online institution.
  4. Through participation in the Distance Education Demonstration Program, to contribute to the development of legislation that will allow the expansion of technologically-delivered education and innovation in the way instruction is organized, and at the same time, to insure the continued integrity of Title IV funding programs.

Demonstration Program Cohort

Jones International University joined the Distance Education Demonstration Program in December 2003 as part of the third cohort.

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Last Modified: 04/16/2007