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Summary of Regional Symposia for CSR State Coordinators
April - May 2002
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With the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, SEAs, LEAs, and schools receiving CSR funds are challenged to think about comprehensive school reform in new and innovative ways. One of the greatest challenges posed by the new legislation is for practitioners to incorporate research-based decision-making into the process of planning and implementing CSR. The intent of this and other key changes to the CSR program is to "raise the bar" and to maintain program integrity for all engaged in the CSR process. Though the new requirements are challenging, they also provide opportunities for a more successful comprehensive school reform effort.

By focusing on both the overarching themes and the specific requirements during the CSR Regional Symposia, the CSR program staff sought to provide participants with both information and inspiration to assist in their efforts to produce CSR programs that help significantly raise student achievement at the nation's lowest-performing schools.

Appendix A: Technical Assistance Resources from CSR program and NCCSR

The CSR Program office described the following technical assistance resources it offers SEAs, LEAs, and schools:

  • The draft CSR program guidance document;
  • The State Coordinator Handbook (given to each participant and mailed to all new state coordinators);
  • Telephone and e-mail assistance as needed;
  • On-site technical assistance, which can include working with CSR state coordinators and other SEA staff;
  • Regional symposia addressing region-specific issues and providing opportunities for networking and strategy-sharing across SEAs;
  • Regular e-mail updates via CSRPARTNERS, CSRINFORMED, and CSRLINKS.

NCCSR staff described the following resources, services, and materials it makes available online and upon request:

  • Step by Step, an online collection of the best available tools and resources organized to guide practitioners through the various stages of CSR process;
  • Unlocking the Components of CSR, an online and print handbook providing tools for each of the CSR components (a revised edition with the 11 components is due in 2002);
  • The Catalog of School Reform Models, an online database of national reform models vetted through a peer review process, providing information on cost, model features, evidence of effectiveness, and technical assistance, and which can be sorted by type of model, grade level, and by type of student population;
  • The CSR Library, a searchable literature database of current CSR research;
  • Ask NCCSR, a help-desk service that provides tailored answers to questions within 72 (business) hours; questions can be sent to Ask NCCSR by e-mail or through a toll-free phone or fax line;
  • Bookmark, a monthly e-newsletter featuring guest authors addressing CSR topics from different perspectives, topic-relevant tools, and NCCSR updates;
  • Benchmarks, a quarterly newsletter featuring successful work being done at the state, district, and local levels to support CSR;
  • Issue Briefs, occasional papers on CSR policy issues;
  • Research Briefs, one-to-two page summaries of the most current CSR research relevant to schools, districts, and states.

NCCSR also provides staff to conduct workshops and presentations on a range of CSR-related topics tailored to audience needs. NCCSR also travels with an exhibit to disseminate current resources and information at national, state, and regional conferences.

Appendix B: Symposium Participants and Staff Present

Washington, DC Symposium, April 8-9, 2002

CSR State Coordinators
Yvonne Lewis-DC
Colleen Wozniak-DE
Jon Klein-FL
Clara Keith-GA
Carolyn Farrar, Sheryl Poggi-IL
Jane Fleming, Jim Gray-MD
Shreese Carter-MS
Jerry Jailall-NC
Jo Ann Berkeley-NJ
Julie Yuda-PA
Wanda Rushing-SC
Kay Sapp-TN
Diane Jay, Brenda Spencer-VA

Regional Education Labs
Roy Dawson-Lab for Student Success at Temple University (LSS)
Jane Hange-Appalachian Educational Laboratory (AEL)

Comprehensive Assistance Center
Karen Underwood, George Suarez, Alice Lindsay-Region XIV/Florida

U.S. Department of Education CSR Program Staff:
Hugh Burkett
Cynthia Cabell
Carmen Lopez
Fran Walter

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Emily Wurtz

National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform Staff:
Deborah Appelbaum
Nina de las Alas
Naomi Housman
Shayna Klopott
Monica Martinez

Boston Symposium, April 14-15, 2002

CSR State Coordinators
Sandi Casberg-CT
Deborah Hicks, Ava Taylor-KY
David Buchanan, Tom Chin, John Desses, Alex Lilly, Laurie Slobody, Deborah Smith-Pressley, Barbara Solomon-MA
Norm Higgins, Susan Johnson-ME
Jim Candela-MI
Mary Ellen Arigo-NH
Roberto Reyes-NY
Jim Sheffer-PA
Jackie Bourassa, Janet Carroll, Janice Stavros-RI
Kathy Blanchard-VT

Zoraida Mercado-Puerto Rico
Regional Education Labs
David Zuckerman-Lab for Student Success at Temple University
Laureen Cervone, Brett Lane-LAB at Brown University

Comprehensive Assistance Center
Wende Allen-New England Comprehensive Assistance Center

U.S. Department of Education CSR Program Staff:
Hugh Burkett
Carmen Lopez
Fran Walter

National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform Staff:
Annie Blais
Lori Cavell
Shayna Klopott
Naomi Housman

Portland Symposium, April 29-30, 2002

CSR State Coordinators
Ildi Laczko-Kerr, Patricia Fleming-AZ
Barbara Brandes, Wendy Harris-CA
Ron Lukenbill-MT
Jennifer Yahn-NM
Ric LaTour, Chris Rhines-OR
Nancy Shepherd-UT
Phouang Hamilton, Priscilla Richardson-WA
Kathy Scheurman-WY

Anita Tsinnajinnie -Bureau of Indian Affairs

Regional Education Labs
Inge Aldersebaes, Bob Blum, Amy Fisher, Rex Haggans, Steve Nelson, Tim Speth-NWREL
Monica Mann-PREL
Meg Livingston Asensio, Kim Taylor -WestEd

U.S. Department of Education CSR Program Staff:
Hugh Burkett
Carmen Lopez
Fran Walter

National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform Staff:
David Huie
Shayna Klopott
Monica Martinez

Chicago Symposium, May 6-7, 2002

CSR State Coordinators
Catherine Moore-AL
Valerie Bass-CO
Lavern Adaniya-HI
Jim Graeber-IA
Tracie Kalic-KS
Amy James-MO
David Ankenman-NE
Jacquie Moore-NV
Jim Jilek-OH
Karen Davies-WV
Joan Barrett-Roberts, Jane Goold-McNally-WI

Regional Education Labs
Nilda Garcia-Simms-McREL
Scott Jones, Angel Williams-NCREL
Susan Martelli-SERVE

U.S. Department of Education CSR Program Staff:
Hugh Burkett
Carmen Lopez
Fran Walter

National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform Staff:
Deborah Appelbaum
Arthur Gosling
Shayna Klopott
Monica Martinez

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