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Carnegie Mellon University
Principal Investigator: Robert Siegler
Improving Children's Pure Numerical Estimation

Duke University
Principal Investigator: David Rabiner
A Randomized Trial of Two Promising Interventions for Students with Attention Problems

Kent State University
Principal Investigators: John Dunlosky & Katherine Rawson
Supporting Efficient and Durable Student Learning

University of Southern California
Principal Investigator: Carole Beal
Dynamically Modifying the Learning Trajectories of Novices with Pedagogical Agents

Northwestern University
Principal Investigator: David Uttal
Co-Principal Investigator: Judy Deloache, University of Virginia Understanding and Fostering Symbolic Development

Fordham University
Principal Investigators: William Whitten & Mitchell Rabinowitz
Guided Cognition of Unsupervised Learning

Miami University of Ohio
Principal Investigator: Sian Beilock
Improving the Assessment Capability of Standardized Tests: How High-Stakes Testing Environments Compromise Performance

Indiana University
Principal Investigators: Robert Goldstone & Linda Smith
Grounded and Transferable Knowledge of Complex Systems Using Computer Simulations

The Ohio State University
Principal Investigator: Andrew Heckler
Scientific Misconceptions: From Cognitive Underpinning to Educational Treatment

Northern Illinois University
Principal Investigator: Anne Britt
Creating a Usable Environment to Teach Argument Comprehension and Production Skills

University of Memphis
Principal Investigator: Barry Gholson
An Implementation of Vicarious Learning with Deep-Level Reasoning Questions in Middle School and High School Classrooms

Michigan State University
Principal Investigator: Jon Star
Co-Principal Investigator: Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Vanderbilt University
Using Contrasting Examples to Support Procedural Flexibility and Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics

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Last Modified: 11/08/2005