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Join GovDelivery to Receive Information from ED’s Charter Schools Program

GovDelivery is a free service through which subscribers can receive information about K-12 charter school issues, particularly concerning Federal charter school programs. In order to increase the information available to subscribers, GovDelivery replaced the Charter Schools Program Listserv, which became inactive in March 2012 and merged into the new GovDelivery system. At that time, past Charter School Program Listserv subscribers were automatically enrolled in GovDelivery.

Those wishing to enroll in GovDelivery at this time can sign up at: www.ed.gov/emailupdates.

Subscribers to GovDelivery will continue to receive information on the same topics that the CSP Listserv previously provided, including:

  • New grant programs and grant opportunities;
  • Key Elementary and Secondary Education Act legislative, regulatory, and policy changes;
  • New reports, studies, evaluation, publications and/or resources; and
  • Pertinent special initiatives within the U.S. Department of Education.

In addition, subscribers can choose to receive a broad range of other education and resources tailored to their needs. These include breaking news, ED updates, videos, newsletter, press releases, messages from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and information and resources on more than 20 non-charter school education topics. These include, among others, early learning, elementary and secondary education, higher education, teaching, technology, and rural education.

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Last Modified: 08/09/2012