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Charter Schools Program Grants for Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools

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Charter management organizations. Eligible applicants may apply individually or as part of a group or consortium.

The FY 2017 Grants to Charter Management Organizations notice inviting applications defines a charter management organization as a nonprofit organization that operates or manages a network of charter schools linked by centralized support, operations, and oversight. (Section 4310(3) of the ESEA, as amended by the ESSA).

The FY 2017 competition includes one absolute priority that applicants must meet to be considered for funding:

This absolute priority (Low-Income Demographic) requires that applicants must demonstrate that at least 60 percent of the students across all of the charter schools the applicant currently operates or manages are individuals from low-income families, as defined in the notice inviting applications.

This competition does not require applicants to cost-share or match grant funds.

Please review the notice inviting applications and other details on the Applicant Information page for more details.

Last Modified: 06/27/2017