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The Charter Schools Program (CSP) has funded many entities, organizations, and publications that support charter schools. They include:


Hopes, Fears, & Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charter Schools in 2011 provides information about the role and importance of collaborations in American school reform.

Making Charter School Facilities More Affordable: State-driven Policy Approaches showcases charter school facility laws and practices that have been developed to tackle the facilities challenge in eight states and Washington, D.C. (Out of Print)

K-8 Charter Schools Guide Closing the Achievement Gap looks at seven K-8 charter schools that are dispelling the myth that some students cannot achieve to high standards. These schools are closing the achievement gap through challenging curriculum, high expectations, and the proper support that all students need to succeed. (Out of Print)

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Charter High Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap shows how eight diverse schools are using innovative instructional approaches to close the achievement gap between the highest and the lowest performing students. (Out of Print)

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Supporting Charter School Excellence Through Quality Authorizing features eight charter authorizers that share a commitment to quality and remain focused on improving and expanding the education options in their area. The guide is designed to help policymakers at the state and national levels and to help current and potential authorizers replicate these successful models and practices. (Out of Print)

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Successful Charter Schools profiles the successes of eight charter schools around the country. (Out of Print)

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Last Modified: 05/21/2015