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Charter School Exemplary Collaboration Awards

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CFDA Number: 84.282P
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: Collaboration Awards

Program Description

The Charter School Program Exemplary Collaboration Awards competition was held for the first time in FY 2012 to encourage high-quality charter schools to partner with traditional public schools and school districts to: (1) share resources and responsibilities; (2) build trust and teamwork; (3) boost academic excellence; and (4) provide students and their parents with a range of effective educational options. The program also requires grant recipients to disseminate information about their collaborations in order to encourage the charter and non-chartered sectors to share best practices, help the U.S. Department of Education identify and publicize successful collaborations, and increase national understanding of the charter school model.

Grant money may be used to do one or more of the following: (1) continue an existing collaboration; (2) modify an existing collaboration; (3) expand an existing collaboration by adding an additional area of collaboration; or (4) expand its collaboration by adding additional partners, including non-chartered public schools, non-chartered Local Educational Agencies, or public charter schools that are not high-quality charter schools. Grant recipients must also use a portion of their grant funds for dissemination.

Last Modified: 03/05/2018