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Partnerships in Character Education Program

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Yonkers School District
CHARACTER in Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) is CRITICAL

Contact Information
Fern Eisgrub, Project Director
Yonkers School District
One Larkin Center
Yonkers, NY 10701
Web site: None
Grant Period: 2008-2012
Amount Awarded: $1,844,619

Program Description
The Yonkers School District project title acronym CHARACTER summarizes the project's goals: Citizenship and High Academic Standards, Reinforcing the Aspen Character Traits, and Ethical Reasoning. Annually, the project will select new target schools and leadership teams composed of teachers, administrators and parents. The teams will be trained by Project LEGAL, Inc., a nonprofit that has led other reforms for the district using the Character Education Public Policy Analyst. Project LEGAL (Law-related Education: Goals for American Leadership) achieved New York and national validation for advancing students’ problem-solving skills and knowledge of content subjects. The project will focus on the Six Pillars of Character in content courses and schoolwide to address social problems through curriculum restructuring using Project LEGAL’s Internet Applications. These applications develop learning standards in both character (the Aspen Character Traits) and academic achievement related to the New York content standards. Faculty, staff and parent committees will use the LEGAL applications to create and implement new school policies to address academic achievement, discipline, parental involvement, and students with disabilities. The project will involve approximately 300 teachers and 8,000 students in grades 4-12 in a total of 19 experimental schools and three control schools over the four-year period.

Goals and Objectives
The four project objectives are CRITICAL: Curriculum Restructuring, Implementation and Training, Integrating Computer Applications, and Learning Standards

  • To improve academic achievement on state content standards
  • To improve discipline in the classroom
  • To address schoolwide “Factors” in the Partnerships in Character Education Program application

Evaluation Design
The scientifically based experimental design study will contribute to research on the effectiveness of the Project LEGAL Internet Applications.  Data collection will target specific achievement outcomes that include improvement on mandated New York state content tests and improvement in problem-solving skills to compare experimental schools to control schools.Data collection also will include student records related to attendance and behavior, and will employ instruments such as The School as A Caring Community Profile-II (SCCPII) and Project LEGAL’s Public Policy Skills Test (PPST). 

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Last Modified: 11/08/2011