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Partnerships in Character Education Program

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New York City Department of Education
Smaller Schools Character Education Project

Contact Information
Mildred Ramos, Project Director
Bronx Integrated Service Center
New York City Department of Education
One Fordham Plaza, Room 817
Bronx, NY  10458
Web site:
Grant Period: 2007-2011
Amount Requested: $1,984,577 for a four-year project

Program Description
New York City Department of Education Region 2 Smaller Schools Character Education Project will provide character education services to positively impact school climate and academic achievement. Character education instructional materials will be integrated into advisory classes, social studies and English language arts curricula to address leadership, personal responsibility, social responsibilities, and goal-oriented character constructs. The project will be conducted in randomly selected theme-based high schools implementing systemic reform activities associated with “smaller learning communities.” High-poverty designated Title I Schoolwide Projects with low levels of academic achievement and high levels of negative school climate indicators will be eligible to participate. Program components will include professional development, in-class teacher coaching, student services through clubs and community service projects; and parent education workshops. The project will involve 600 predominantly minority students, including students with disabilities and English Language Learners; 177 teachers and staff in six implementation high schools; and 180 parents and community members.

Goals and Objectives

  • To positively impact school climate (e.g., attendance, suspension, extracurricular participation, parent involvement, student/staff morale, and police incident levels)
  • To positively impact student academic achievement in English language arts and core academic subjects, using multi-cultural and multi-ethnic instructional materials

Evaluation Design
The Smaller Schools Character Education Project will use a quasi-experimental evaluation design. The findings and best practices of the project will be fully implemented initially in three schools, in three additional schools in Year 4, and ultimately disseminated to 20 Region 2 high schools. The scientific evaluation design will provide both ongoing data and summative data.

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Last Modified: 11/08/2011