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Partnerships in Character Education Program

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San Diego County Office of Education
Partnerships in Character Education for Small Rural Districts

Contact Information: Charles Daleo, Project Director
San Diego County Office of Education
5404 Napa Street
San Diego, CA 92110
Web site: None
Grant Period: 2006-2010
Amount Requested: $1,994,113 for a four-year project

Program Description
The Partnerships in Character Education for Small Rural Districts will embed teacher-designed character education lessons within the history and social science framework, the Daily Oral Language in Character curriculum, and service-learning projects. This four-year initiative will use a research-based six-component management model: instructional leadership, teaching and learning, professional development, culture and communication, community partnerships, and accountability and assessment. The Guest of Character events introduce students to “heroes and common folks” who use positive character traits and ethics in their daily occupations. The project will serve approximately 1,000 predominately Native American and Hispanic students in grades K-8 and 250 teachers and staff in 20 schools. These schools are located in the five small rural consortium school districts of Alpine, Julian, Mt. Empire, San Pasqual and Valley Center/Pauma.

Goals and Objectives

  • To reduce risk factors and increase protective factors among youth
  • To improve academic performance
  • To improve school climate

Evaluation Design
The project will use a single study, pre-post design with two methods to assess program effectiveness: a repeated cross-sectional design to make inferences about the universal character education program; and a repeated-measures design to examine the impact of the classroom program on academic outcomes and discipline. Process and outcome evaluation will include staff, student and parent interviews and surveys; and performance measures of academic performance, disciplinary referrals, absenteeism and school climate.

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Last Modified: 11/08/2011