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Character Education Project Abstract
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Arkansas Department of Education Abstract

Contact: Brazier Watts
#4 State Capitol Mall, Room 402A
Little Rock, AR 72201-1071
(501) 682-5615

Partnership for Character-Centered Teaching in Arkansas

Grant Number : R215V010006
Project Period : 6/1/01–5/31/03
FY 2001 Award : $353,675
FY 2002 Award : $646,325

The development of character education is a priority of the Department of Education and Arkansas' Governor Mike Huckabee. With the leadership of nationally recognized consultants, Dr. Willard Daggett and Dr. Martin Marrazo, five schools began the development and implementation of the Character-Centered Teaching Model. These five schools form the core of the Arkansas Partnership that seeks to enhance the model and disseminate the Character-Centered Teaching Model to other schools and districts in our state.

Year one of the project called for an external evaluation of implementation in the five pilot schools. The results of the evaluation will be used to revise the professional development materials and create a handbook to be used in training and other dissemination activities. Additionally, training of a cadre of in-state trainers will help in staffing the expansion of the model in up to 30 sites via the sub-grant process. Near the end of year one, a statewide conference will be held to showcase the partnership schools and disseminate information to interested schools and districts that may wish to respond to a request for proposal for funds to implement the Character-Centered Teaching Model.

In the second year, 30 sites will be provided the opportunity to receive sub-grants with a maximum amount of $20,000 for implementation of the Character?Centered Teaching Model.

Staff from the State Education Agency (SEA) will facilitate project management with support and technical assistance from Learning 24/7. The SEA will also provide the services of the Center for Performance Assessment led by Dr. Douglas Reeves who will direct the evaluation activities as well as conduct site visits and studies in each of the partnership schools.

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