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Alabama Department of Education Abstract

Contact: Lewis Graydon
50 North Ripley Street
Gordon Persons Building, Room 3339
Montgomery, AL 36104-3833
(334) 353-8633

Alabama Character Education (ACE)

Grant Number : R215V010011
Project Period : 5/1/01–4/30/05
FY 2001 Award : $238,432
FY 2002 Award : $203,139
FY 2003 Award : $208,186
FY 2004 Award : $245,126

The Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Character Education partnership are conducting a four-year program to coordinate three major initiatives in character and civic education. These initiatives are already underway at the Alabama Department of Youth Services, the Mobile County Public School System, and the Alabama Center for Law & Civic Education.

All three programs were in or began their first year of implementation in the 2001-2002 school year. This project will support and evaluate the first two years of program development and implementation, and will provide linkages among the three programs. The initial implementation period will also permit program teachers to develop the expertise to become trainers of other teachers. The project will then pull together the staff and teachers of the three projects to develop "best practices" training materials and a statewide corps of cross-trained character education trainers. Finally, the project will disseminate character education programs, instruction, and resources statewide.

Thus, the project will be a four-year consensus building and capacity-building program in which educators and community members are trained for collaborative involvement in multiple-model school-and community-based civic and character education programs. All of this will be done building on the resources, expertise, and energy of character and civic education models already in their early stages of implementation within the state.

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Last Modified: 11/08/2011