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Schools in California, New York, Illinois and South Dakota will share $1.6 million in grants designed to help them implement programs that teach the principles of character development and the responsibilities of citizenship to their students, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings announced recently.

"Character education is integral to a well-rounded education. Positive, respectful students help create and maintain healthy school environments," U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said. "Lessons in responsibility and respect are just as important as lessons in reading, math and science."

The Partnerships in Character Education Program awards grants for up to four years to eligible state and local education agencies to design and implement character education programs that teach students core ethical concepts, such as: civics; citizenship; justice; responsibility; and respect themselves and others. Grant recipients must show how they have integrated character education into classroom instruction and teacher training. They also must involve parents, students and the community in the process. The projects are evaluated to determine their success in helping students develop positive character, reduce discipline problems and improve academic achievement. Projects also must increase parent and community involvement with the school. This year's recipients were chosen in rank order from the list of the most qualified FY 2006 applicants, which had not yet received funding in FY 2006. The grantees were solicited and peer reviewed during FY 2006. Since 1994, a total of 147 state and local education agencies have received character education grants.

Partnerships in Characater Education FY 2007 Grant Awards

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Unified School District
Award: $491,558
Contact: Jeanne Akashi
Telephone: (213) 241-6532

Special Association for Special Education in DuPage County**
Award: $471,038
Contact: Matt Vanover
Telephone: (217) 782-4648

New York
New York City
New York City Department of Education
Award: $493,170
Contact: Mildred Ramos
Telephone: (718) 741-2807

South Dakota
Rapid City
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative
Award: $537,140
Contact: James Perry, (605) 394-1876

**Note: While the Special Association for Special Education in DuPage County is the fiscal agent for this grant, just two of the eight high schools that will benefit from this federally funded grant are in DuPage County. Other schools are in Alton, Chicago (2), Rock Island and Springfield (2). The grant will be administered through the Illinois Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) Network, which is an Illinois State Board of Education funded initiative, and Loyola University Chicago.

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Last Modified: 11/08/2011