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Career and Educational Pathways Exploration System Program

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Program Description

Program Office: Student Service
CFDA Number: 116C
Program Type: Discretionary Grants
Also Known As: Career Pathways

Program Description

Grants are awarded under this program for a period of three years.

The purpose of the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)--Career and Educational Pathways Exploration System Program (Career Pathways), is to develop technology-based or technology-enabled career exploration systems that enable high school students to identify and explore career opportunities that align with their interests, ambitions, and aptitudes; learn from individuals who work in those fields about the nature of their work and opportunities available in their fields; and identify education and training options--including non-college programs such as work-based learning opportunities, military training, apprenticeships, and employer-sponsored training--that enable entry into or advancement in those careers.  Career and education pathways exploration systems must include, for featured occupations, information about employment outlook and likely entry and mid-career earnings in featured fields, and they must enable students to use built-in financial analysis tools to explore the economic impact of their career, education, and training choices.

Last Modified: 11/10/2020