Serious Behavior Disorders -- Special Education Research

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2006 Awards

SRI International
Principal Investigator: Mary Wagner
Early, Evidence-Based Intervention for Externalizing Behavior Problems in School: From Efficacy to Effectiveness of the First Step to Success Program

Vanderbilt University
Principal Investigator: Kathleen Lane
The Effects of Strategy and Self-Regulation Instruction on Students' Writing Performance and Behavior: A Preventative Approach (Project Write)

Idaho State University
Principal Investigator: Stephanie Peterson
Concurrent Schedules of Reinforcement and Adjusting Demand Requirements: Effects on Communication, Compliance, and Problem Behavior

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Principal Investigator: William Pelham
Adaptive Treatments for Children with ADHD

University of Florida
Principal Investigator: Stephen Smith
Universal Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Elementary Students to Reduce Disruptive/Aggressive Behavior

University of Georgia Principal Investigator: Randy Kamphaus
Development and Validation of a Screener for Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Elementary and Middle School

University of Connecticut
Principal Investigator: Sandra Chafouleas
Project VIABLE: Validation of Instruments for Assessing Behavior Longitudinally and Efficiently

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Last Modified: 04/18/2006