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Prior to the FY 2011 awards, the Advanced Placement Incentive (API) program had only one Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) indicator (Indicator #1 below). Starting with the awards made in FY 2011, an additional GPRA indicator (Indicator #2 below) was developed for the program.

The attached file highlights the data starting with the awards made in 2005 (2005 cohort). For each award year, there is a distinct tab with the relevant data for that cohort. The data are collected from grantees from their annual performance reports.

  • API Performance Data
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Indicator #1: The ratio of Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and other advanced placement tests recognized by the Secretary taken in public high schools served by API grants to the number of seniors enrolled at those high schools.

Indicator #2: The ratio of AP, IB, and other approved advanced placement tests passed (AP tests receiving scores of 3 or higher, IB tests receiving scores of 4 or higher, or other advanced placement tests receiving equivalent scores) by low-income students in public high schools served by API grants to the number of low-income seniors enrolled at those schools.

Last Modified: 12/11/2013