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General Reporting Information

The Alaska Native Education program uses grantee reporting as a tool for both program evaluation and determining continuation award funding. Grantees are expected to submit annual and final reports in a timely manner. Multi-year award recipients should submit an annual performance report by the due date established by the program office for that fiscal year. Final reports are due 90 days after the end of the program period and should include the required financial information. Grants that include evaluation plans that produce reports on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis should submit these reports to the Program Officer assigned to that grant.

Grantee Performance Report Information

The annual performance report is due on Friday, May 4, 2018. You may submit your annual performance report electronically through ED's portal using the following website www.g5.gov: http://www.g5.gov, then select e-Reports.

More information regarding the electronic system and the procedures for accessing it can be found in the Letter to Project Directors below.

If you have questions concerning the APR, need additional guidance for preparing the APR, or need instructions on submitting a paper copy of the APR, contact Almita Reed at (202) 260-1979 or by email at Almita.Reed@ed.gov.

Letter to Project Directors -Explains ED Form 524B Performance Report
ED 524-B Form - Grant Performance Report
(Part 1 - Cover Sheet and Summary)
PDF Fillable Form
ED 524-B Form (Part 2 - Project Status) PDF Fillable Form
ED 524-B Form (Part 3 - Instructions)   PDF

Government Performance Results Act (GPRA)
The Government Performance Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) is designed to be used by both Federal Program Managers to improve program effectiveness and the Congress to ensure spending decisions and oversight are informed by information about program performance.

The GPRA Measures for the Alaska Native Education program are:
GPRA Measures ANEP
GPRA APR Instructions

If additional information is required, please contact your assigned ED Program Officer. If there are general concerns or if your ED Program Officer is not available, please contact:

Almita Reed
U.S. Department of Education
Alaska Native Education Program
400 Maryland Avenue, SW LBJ Building
Room 3E222
Washington, D.C. 20202-6200
Phone: 202-260-1979
Fax: 202-260-8969
email: Almita Reed

ED Program Performance Plans and Reports
  • 2013 Performance Report
    download files MS Word (51K)

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