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Assistance for Homeless Children and Youth

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2018 Application for the Assistance for Homeless Children and Youth Program

Alternatives for Submitting Applications for K-12 Disaster Recovery Programs: Emergency Impact Aid and Assistance for Homeless Children and Youth

It has come to our attention that at least some applicants for the Temporary Emergency Impact Aid for Displaced Students (Emergency Impact Aid or EIA)  Program (CFDA 84.938C) and Assistance for Homeless Children and Youth (AHCY)  Program (CFDA 84.938B) have experienced difficulties renewing or completing their System Award  Management (SAM )registration system operated by the General Services Administration (GSA) , because of a new GSA requirement concerning the submission of a notarized letter appointing a designated entity administrator.  As you know, successful registration in SAM is a prerequisite to being able to register in and submit an application electronically.

Because of this issue, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) is allowing those EIA and AHCY applicants that have experienced or are experiencing difficulty in completing or renewing their SAM registration the opportunity to submit their applications as a PDF attachment to an email. 

A State educational agency (SEA) submitting an EIA application as a PDF attachment to an email should submit that application to by the EIA application deadline, June 4, 2018.  SEAs submitting an ACHY application as a PDF attachment to an email should submit that application to by the ACHY application deadline, June 4, 2018. 

We note that the Department’s e-mail system will not accept attachments that are larger than 25 megabytes (MB).  Therefore, applicants that chose to submit an application as a PDF file attached to an e-mail should confirm that it is not larger than 25 MB and confirm the maximum file size that their own e-mail systems can transmit.  If an application exceeds the 25 MB limit for files submitted to the Department by e-mail, or exceeds the file size that an applicant’s e-mail will transmit, the applicant should divide the application into sections and submit portions of the application in more than one e-mail, using an “easy to understand” naming convention ( e.g., SEANameSection1, SEANameSection2, and so on.

In addition, an applicant that is unable to access because of the notarized letter requirement and that cannot submit an application as an attachment to an e-mail has the option of submitting a hard copy through a delivery service that provides next day delivery.  If you exercise the option to submit a hardcopy with a next day delivery, rather than e-mailing your application or submitting it electronically through, please include with your application a dated invoice or mail receipt that proves your application was mailed or submitted for delivery by June 4, 2018.  Such a hard-copy application must be sent to the following address:

    U.S. Department of Education,
    Application Control Center, Attention:
    (Select appropriate CFDA Number: 84.938B for AHCY or 84.938C for EIA)
    LBJ Basement Level 1,
    400 Maryland Avenue SW,
    Washington, DC 20202–4260.

Please note that applicants that receive an EIA or AHCY grant will need to complete their SAM registration before they can draw down funds.  If you need further assistance regarding SAM, please go to, click on the "Submit a Question" Webform or the Webchat link to correspond with an agent.  It will be necessary for you to sign into your FSD Account.  The 'Submit a Question' will accept submissions 24 hours 7 days a week.  Federal Service Desk Agents will respond to your request during normal business hours.
If you have any questions concerning the EIA program, please send them to  If you have questions concerning the AHCY program, please send them to

Last Modified: 06/04/2018