Adult Education--Basic Grants to States

Current Section  Eligibility
 Office of Vocational and Adult Education Home

Who May Apply: (by category) State Education Agencies(SEAs)

Who May Apply: (by specifically) Awards are made to state eligible agencies that under state law are solely responsible for administering or supervising statewide policy for adult education and literacy, including such entities as SEAs, postsecondary agencies, or workforce agencies.

The Department provides grants to these state eligible agencies, which in turn, fund local projects. The following types of entities are eligible to apply to state eligible agencies for funds: local education agencies (LEAs); community-based organizations of demonstrated effectiveness; volunteer literacy organizations of demonstrated effectiveness; institutions of higher education (IHEs); public or private nonprofit agencies; libraries; public housing authorities; other nonprofit institutions that have the ability to provide literacy services to adults and families; and consortia of the agencies, organizations, institutions, libraries or authorities previously described.

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Last Modified: 10/30/2007