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Adult Education State Allotments Fiscal Year 2001 Appropriations

Program Memorandum - OVAE/DAEL FY 2001-04

Date: February 2, 2001
To: State Directors of Adult Education
From: Robert D. Muller
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Office of Vocational and Adult Education
Subject: Adult Education State Allotments Fiscal Year 2001 Appropriations

To assist you in your planning, we are providing you with a table showing the estimated FY 2001 State allotments for the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA). These allotments will become available July 1, 2001.

In FY 2001, 1.72% of the total appropriation for AEFLA is reserved for incentive grants for States that exceed their agreed-upon performance levels for AEFLA, the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act, and Title I of the Workforce Investment Act. The attached table reflects this 1.72% set aside. The table also reflects the set asides for the competition for outlying areas described in section 211(e) of AEFLA, the hold harmless provisions of section 211 (f) for Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau, and section 3 of PL 106-504.

The FY 2001 appropriation reserves an additional $70 million for grants to States for "integrated English literacy and civics education services to immigrants and other limited English proficient populations." These funds are allocated to States using the most recent data from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) on immigrants admitted for legal permanent residence. We are working with the INS to obtain this data and hope to provide you with these allotments later in the spring.

If you have any questions concerning this allotment table, please contact your Area Coordinator. You may also find useful information on our web site at


Adult Education and Family Literacy Act FY 2001 Appropriation for State Grants

ALABAMA $9,461,502
ALASKA $753,679
ARIZONA $5,950,133
ARKANSAS $5,660,506
CALIFORNIA $52,665,928
COLORADO $3,948,986
CONNECTICUT $5,208,229
DELAWARE $1,307,077
FLORIDA $25,258,267
GEORGIA $13,335,195
HAWAII $1,753,520
IDAHO $1,611,540
ILLINOIS $19,313,949
INDIANA $9,610,644
IOWA $3,990,564
KANSAS $3,452,210
KENTUCKY $9,194,809
LOUISIANA $9,156,449
MAINE $2,069,917
MARYLAND $7,675,347
MICHIGAN $15,159,503
MINNESOTA $5,459,810
MISSISSIPPI $6,258,511
MISSOURI $9,546,350
MONTANA $1,289,909
NEBRASKA $2,179,764
NEVADA $2,175,779
NEW HAMPSHIRE $1,669,046
NEW JERSEY $13,284,133
NEW MEXICO $2,808,908
NEW YORK $32,730,637
NORTH CAROLINA $14,190,851
NORTH DAKOTA $1,204,609
OHIO $18,467,796
OKLAHOMA $5,760,948
OREGON $4,124,840
PENNSYLVANIA $21,509,189
RHODE ISLAND $2,253,258
SOUTH DAKOTA $1,298,537
TENNESSEE $11,511,054
TEXAS $32,712,918
UTAH $1,832,021
VERMONT $1,001,079
VIRGINIA $11,065,506
WASHINGTON $5,991,395
WEST VIRGINIA $4,507,500
WISCONSIN $7,347,252
WYOMING $761,550
PUERTO RICO $11,274,054
GUAM $313,376
NO. MARIANA IS. $375,103
MARSHALL IS. $72,900
PALAU $72,900
Total, State Grants $460,278,106
PREL Competitive Grant Set-aside $81,294
Incentive Grants Set-aside $9,640,600
TOTAL $470,000,000

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