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Program Office: America's Career Resources Network

CFDA Number: 84.346
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: ACRN

Program Description

At least 85 percent of the appropriation was distributed to state entities to support the implementation of statewide, systemic strategies for providing youths and adults with the critical career information resources and the skills that they need to make effective education and career decisions throughout their lives. Not more than 15 percent of the appropriation was reserved for national activities, including national technical assistance to states and development and dissemination of projects and services.

Types of Projects

State entities engaged in a variety of activities such as: research and innovative product development; professional development activities; development of career information delivery systems; and the development and dissemination of curricula and other learning resources.

Additional Information

The America's Career Resource Network is made up of state entities that work to improve career decision-making of students and their parents by relating educational decisions and experience to occupational exploration, career choice, and vocational preparation. As an important component of state and local efforts to reform schools and improve student achievement, ACRN helps students become more engaged in their academic coursework through informing them of the knowledge and skills needed for their desired career path. The strength of the ACRN lies in the wide array of career development resources and training made available for teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents.

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Last Modified: 03/28/2014