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21st Century Community Learning Centers

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Grantees Database

This nationwide database includes approximately 6,800 participating schools - located in 1,597 communities across the country - that have been awarded 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLC) grants to establish and expand after-school, summer, and weekend programs for students and their communities.

Follow the directions below to sort and view information about the CLC schools across the nation. You may specify your search by using one or all of steps 1-4 below. Each box you check narrows your search, so only check items that MUST be criteria for your needs.

(For example, if you check both Rural and Arkansas, ONLY grantees who are BOTH Rural AND in Arkansas will return. If you added checks on K-5 and 9-12, ONLY grantees who serve K-5 AND 9-12 AND are Rural AND in Arkansas will appear. If you leave all options blank in a step, the full range of grantees will appear.)

If you do not choose any of steps 1-4, the result of your search will provide information on ALL 1,597 of the CLC grantees.

Step 1
Choose to view community learning centers by state and/or types of communities served:

Choose one or more states by pressing the CONTROL button while making your selections from the list below...

Step 2
Choose to view community learning centers by grade levels of students:

Choose one or more grade levels of students from the list below...

Kindergarten to Grade 5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12

Step 3
Choose to view community learning centers by times of service:

Choose one or more times of service from the list below...

Before school
During school
After school

Choose first fiscal year of award from the list below...


Step 4
Search for community learning centers using keywords:

Enter keywords for search in the field below (e.g., child care, Boys and Girls Clubs, or Springfield)...

Last Modified: 06/14/2006