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Regional Educational Laboratories

The Regional Educational Laboratory Program (the "Lab Program") is the U.S. Department of Education's largest research and development investment designed to help educators, policy makers, and communities improve schools and help all students attain their full potential. Administered by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), the network of 10 Regional Laboratories works to ensure that those involved in educational improvement at the local, state and regional levels have access to the best available research and knowledge from practice. The Laboratories also want to ensure that information about exemplary and promising programs as well as other important lessons about school reform developed or learned in one site can be appropriately applied elsewhere.




The following publications provide additional information about the Regional Educational Laboratory program:

Profiles of the Regional Educational Laboratories (September, 2001): provides descriptions for each of the 10 Regional Educational Laboratories. This handbook acquaints readers with laboratories' past accomplishments, current work under the 2000-2005 contract period, and upcoming events.

Regional Educational Laboratory Program Opens in Library OERI

The State and Local Services Division in ORAD has established a library archives to collect and maintain the many publications and other products developed by the Regional Educational Laboratories (REL) with support from the Regional Educational Laboratory program. A database has been created for which can be searched by institution, topic, title, or year of publication. The library contains one copy of each item which may be checked out by ED staff only. For further information, contact Adria White (Adria.White@ed.gov).

All products produced by the Regional Educational Laboratories can be obtained by the public through the RELNetwork Web site at http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/edlabs/publications.html.

Interim Evaluation of the Regional Educational Laboratories (December 1999): In order to assess the performance of each of the ten Laboratories during the first three years of their 1995-2000 contracts and provide useful information to guide program improvement, an interim evaluation of each Laboratory was conducted. This evaluation consists of twelve volumes.

From Promise to Practice: Stories from the Regional Educational Laboratories(September 1996): tells a series of stories about how the Regional Educational Labs have assisted educators in schools and communities in their school reform efforts.

Tried and True (September 1997): presents 16 tested ideas for improving teaching and learning developed by the Regional Educational Laboratories. The ideas are all products of an arduous process of Laboratory investments in long-term research and development. Highlighted programs range from specific content- or audience-focused efforts up through programs that can broadly support comprehensive reform efforts.

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