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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities.

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, is the major legislative source for programs and initiatives administered by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).

Assistive Technology Act of 2004

The Assistive Technology Act of 2004 is the legislative source for the:

  • Assistive Technology State Grant program (ATSG),
  • Alternative Financing program (AFP), and the
  • Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology (PAAT) program, also administered by RSA.

Randolph-Sheppard Act
Helen Keller National Center Act of 1984

Other legislative sources for RSA programs and initiatives are the Randolph-Sheppard Act, as amended; and the Helen Keller National Center Act of 1984.

Additional Information

In addition, the Department offers many other sources of information and links referencing rehabilitation and education legislation. Some of those links are listed below.

  • ED's Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs (OLCA) maintains a list of information on the legislative initiatives of the Department of Education since January 1993.

  • Information on other education legislation -- for example, bills and amendments offered by members of Congress --can be viewed at the Library of Congress's Thomas Web site, where you may select from several databases that provide full bill text, bill summaries, and bill status by sponsor, keyword and bill number. Information about the House and Senate current floor action, committees and members' home pages is available via the House and Senate Web sites.

  • FedLaw, a service of the General Services Administration (GSA), offers a select group of references of particular use to those doing federal legal research, including pages of links to the

  • The 1998 Digest of Education Statistics includes a useful chronology of selected federal education legislation from 1787 through 1997.

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Last Modified: 09/02/2011