VR100 — Graphics
Vocational Rehabilitation 100th Anniversary — Graphics
Archived Information

Do you work in a state or local vocational rehabilitation program and interested in celebrating 100 Years of VR? Feel free to download and use the following logos developed by the OSERS.

Signature Block

You can add this logo to your email signature block: VR100 thumbnail icon -- PNG, 96x28px, RGB


You can use these graphics for web and print materials celebrating and highlighting 100 Years of VR.

Color (RGB) VR100 large icon -- PNG, 2,400x760px, RGB VR100 medium icon -- PNG, 640x200px, RGB VR100 small icon -- PDG, 180x60px, RGB VR100 thumbnail icon -- PNG, 96x28px, RGB
Grayscale VR100 logo, PNG, 1200x380, grayscale VR100 logo, PNG, 640x200, grayscale VR100 logo, PNG, 180x56, grayscale VR100 logo, PNG, 96x24, grayscale
B&W VR100 logo, PNG, 1200x380, B&W VR100 logo, PNG, 640x200, B&W VR100 logo, PNG, 180x56, B&W VR100 logo, PNG, 96x24, B&W

Last Modified: 01/11/2021