IDEA American Rescue Plan Funds

This webpage includes a compilation of materials pertaining to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) American Rescue Plan (ARP) supplemental funds for Federal fiscal year (FFY) 2021. IDEA funds are appropriated by Congress and are intended to support early intervention and special education services for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities and their families.

On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Public Law 117-2) was signed into law. Of the $130 billion that was allocated to the Department, the following amounts were earmarked for IDEA grant awards as supplemental FFY 2021 funds:

IDEA Part B, 611
$2.5 billion
IDEA Part B, 619
$200 million
$250 million

These funds are provided to state educational agencies and lead agencies to help recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and to safely reopen schools and sustain safe operations. The IDEA Part B formula grants assist states in providing a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment for children with disabilities ages 3 through 21 (Part B, Sections 611 and 619). The IDEA Part C formula grants assist states in providing early intervention services for infants and toddlers birth through age two and their families.


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Last Modified: 07/01/2021