Program Memorandum FY 2002-02
The Role of Tech-Prep Education in Preparing America's Future

(2) The contents of a tech-prep program

Section 204(c) of Perkins III states that a tech-prep program shall:

  1. be carried out under an articulation agreement between the participants in the consortium;

  2. consist of at least 2 years of secondary school preceding graduation and 2 years or more of higher education, or an apprenticeship program of at least 2 years following secondary instruction, with a common core of required proficiency in mathematics, science, reading, writing, communications, and technologies designed to lead to an associate's degree or a postsecondary certificate in a specific career field;

  3. include the development of tech-prep programs for both secondary and postsecondary, including consortium, participants in the consortium that--

  4. (A) meets academic standards developed by the State;

    (B) links secondary schools and 2-year postsecondary institutions, and if possible and practicable, 4-year institutions of higher education through nonduplicative sequences of courses in career fields, including the investigation of opportunities for tech-prep secondary students to enroll concurrently in secondary and postsecondary coursework;

    (C) uses, if appropriate and available, work-based or worksite learning in conjunction with business and all aspects of an industry; and

    (D) uses educational technology and distance learning, as appropriate, to involve all the consortium partners more fully in the development and operation of programs;

  5. include in-service training for teachers that--

  6. (A) is designed to train vocational and technical teachers to effectively implement tech-prep programs;

    (B) provides for joint training for teachers in the tech-prep consortium;

    (C) is designed to ensure that teachers and administrators stay current with the needs, expectations, and methods of business and all aspects of an industry;

    (D) focuses on training postsecondary education faculty in the use of contextual and applied curricula and instruction; and

    (E) provides training in the use and application of technology;

  7. include training programs for counselors designed to enable counselors to more effectively--

  8. (A) provide information to students regarding tech-prep education programs;

    (B) support student progress in completing tech-prep programs;

    (C) provide information on related employment opportunities;

    (D) ensure that such students are placed in appropriate employment; and

    (E) stay current with the needs, expectations, and methods of business and all aspects of an industry;

  9. provide equal access, to the full range of technical preparation programs, to individuals who are members of special populations, including the development of tech-prep program services appropriate to the needs of special populations; and

  10. provide for preparatory services that assist participants in tech-prep programs.

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Last Modified: 09/15/2004