FAFSA Simplification Questions and Answers - Archived Guidance

The version of the below question were published on 08/04/2023. The question have been revised since their original publication date. These are maintained for historical purposes only.

Awarding Other Financial Assistance (OFA)

OFA-Q1: Can I use a negative SAI to increase a student’s financial need to increase the amount of need-based aid the student can receive?

OFA-A1: No. If a student has a negative SAI, the school must convert the negative SAI to a 0 SAI to calculate the student’s financial need. Though the negative SAI can be used as a determining factor when selecting students for school or state aid or for consideration when awarding campus-based funding, the negative SAI cannot be used directly to increase the amount of a student’s financial need for purposes of awarding federal student aid. [Guidance issued 08/04/2023]

Last Modified: 04/16/2024