2007-08 Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education: Memorandum to Loans Committee Members

DATE:February 26, 2008
TO:Loans Committee Members
FROM:Dan Madzelan
SUBJECT:Materials for the March 4-6 Negotiating Session

Enclosed are most of the materials for the third negotiating session. We will post these files on our negotiated rulemaking Web site in a day or two, but of course you are free to share this information as you see fit. We expect to provide the language for the not-for-profit loan holder definition shortly.

Included in this posting is a single package of draft regulatory language in both pdf and MS Word formats. We have attempted to preserve the changes in the prior draft while displaying changes in this new draft. We've done this by yellow highlighting additions and deletions to the February draft. Staff did their best, but note that we might have missed identifying a couple of changes in this fashion.

Once again, we have provided the draft language in redline/strikeout, i.e., "contextual," format, which we will use as the basis for our negotiations. As you know, we publish amendatory language in the Federal Register. Therefore, we will have the corresponding amendatory language to share at the session next week. We expect format to be the only difference between the contextual language included here and the amendatory language you will see next week.

We're continuing the previous ordering of the issues in this package, which is displayed in the lower right-hand corner of each page.

See you on the 4th.

Proposed Regulatory Language - Contextual Format
download files MS Word (264K) | PDF (235K)


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