2006-07 Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education
General Provisions Team Agenda

  1. Consistent enrollment status definitions for all Title IV programs (full-time, half-time, etc.)

  2. Consistent definitions of undergraduate and graduate student for all Title IV programs

  3. Define independent study

  4. Nonstandard term and nonterm programs

    • Use of completion of half the weeks of instructional time for timing of loan disbursements
    • Determining loan eligibility for nonstandard term programs
    • Require institutions to use consistent disbursement periods, where allowed under the law

  5. Cash management

    • Recovery of funds not claimed by student or parent
    • Student/parent permission for electronic disbursements
    • Requirements for "issuing a check" by making it available for pickup
    • Late, late disbursements
    • Affirmative confirmation of a loan
    • Simplify excess cash allowances

  6. Treatment of FFEL and Direct Loan funds when a student withdraws before beginning class--make consistent with other programs

  7. Eliminate the single disbursement requirement for Perkins and FSEOG

  8. Eliminate the requirement for the written notification and student confirmation for the postwithdrawal disbursement of a grant made directly to the student

  9. Calculate Pell Grant payments for programs with standard terms (with monthly starts) in the same way as you do for programs with traditional standard terms (i.e., allow them to use Pell Grant formula #1)

  10. Eliminate the double pro ration for Pell Grant payments for clock hour and credit hour without term programs (in Pell Grant formula #4)

  11. Pro rate loan amounts for remaining portion of a program (when the remaining portion is less than an academic year) by a standard 50 percent instead of by the exact ratio of the remaining portion of the program over the length of the academic year (in credit or clock hours)

  12. When certifying a loan for a transfer student who transfers in the middle of the academic year into a new school with some credit from the previous school (who had a loan certified for his enrollment at his previous school), allow the new school to certify the loan for the remaining portion of the academic year (for the remaining portion of the loan not used at the first school); and then allow the school to certify a full loan for the next full academic year

  13. Allow a school to credit a student's account for minor prior year expenses of tuition and fees and room and board (if the student contracts with the school for room and board) without the student’s permission

  14. Technical corrections

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