Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965
Ms. Dawn Murphy, St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
Archived Information

Current Strengths of Post-Secondary Education:

  • It is clear that students are called upon to accomplish objectives through team projects, and are being recognized for their contributions to team accomplishment as equally as individual achievement.

  • They typically have the ability to collaborate and reach consensus among divergent opinions.

  • They are technologically savvy, very comfortable using the Internet for research, are able to prepare presentations using technology etc.

Current Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Opportunity to dialogue with and learn from practitioners appears to be limited - focus is on theoretical framework. Infusion of more practitioners into the educational system would provide a much needed reality check, and also make for a smoother transition into the 'real world'.

  • It is unclear as to whether the student has an opportunity to learn about the economics of their industry, e.g. funding sources, financing mechanisms etc. This is particularly true in health care.

  • Writing skills are becoming a precious commodity.

  • Students don't appear to be equipped with the tools needed to start their job search, e.g. a successful resume, well-written cover letter, preparation for interviews etc. Students normally tell me that "they are on their own".


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Last Modified: 02/05/2009