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FOIA Templates

You may use these forms to help you create your FOIA request. PDF, short for Portable Document Format, is a document format developed by Adobe Systems. PDF allows online publications to appear exactly as they do in print, and uniformly from one browser to another. Viewing a PDF file requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free from Adobe.

You can download the PDF and MS Word templates to your PC or complete them online. Adobe Reader will allow you to view, complete and print the PDF form. A more advanced version of Adobe Acrobat (such as Acrobat Standard or Professional) will allow you to view, complete and save the PDF form, which can then be sent via email or printed to hard copy. If the PDF template is not flexible enough for you, please use the MS Word template. If the MS Word template does not suit your needs, it is recommended that you save the document to your PC and edit it as necessary.

  • Request letter template - PDF (35.0 KB) | MS Word (40.5 KB)

Last Modified: 06/25/2015