Information Quality Guidelines

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The Branch Chief for the Information Management Branch will review the request and determine whether it contains all the information required for a complaint.If the request is unclear or incomplete, the Department will seek clarification from the requester.

If the request is clear and complete, the Branch Chief will forward it to the appropriate program office(s) for a response to the requester. The responsible office(s) will determine whether a correction is warranted, and if so, what corrective action it will take.  Any corrective action will be determined based on the nature and timeliness of the information involved, as well as the significance of the error on the use of the information, the magnitude of the error, and the cost of undertaking a correction.

Comments about information on which the Department has sought public comment, such as rulemaking or studies cited in a rulemaking, will be responded to through the public comment process, or through an individual response if there was no published process for responding to all comments. The Department may choose to provide an earlier response, if doing so is appropriate, and will not delay issuance of the final action in the matter.

The Department is not required to change the content or status of information simply based on the receipt of a request for correction. The Department may reject a request that appears to be made in bad faith or without justification, and is only required to undertake the degree of correction that is appropriate for the nature and timeliness of the information involved. In addition, the Department need not respond substantively to requests that concern information not covered by the information quality guidelines.

Last Modified: 06/08/2021