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The Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) updated its Frequently Asked Questions in September 2015 to include the following, which extends the grace period for complying with procurement standards to two years.

.110-6 Effective Dates and Grace Period for Procurement ** Will the Federal government provide a grace period after the effective date for non-Federal entities to comply with the procurement standards in the Uniform Guidance?

Yes, for two full fiscal years after the effective date of the Uniform Guidance. In general non-Federal entities must comply with the terms and conditions of their Federal award, which will specify whether the Uniform Guidance applies. However, in light of the new procurement standards, for procurement policies and procedures, for the non-Federal entity’s first full fiscal year that begins on or after December 26, 2014, the non-Federal entity must document whether it is in compliance with the old or new standard, and must meet the documented standard. For example, the second full fiscal year for a non-Federal entity with a June 30th year end would be the year ending June 30, 2017. The Single Audit Compliance Supplement will instruct auditors to review procurement policies and procedures based on the documented standard. For future fiscal years, all non-Federal entities will be required to comply fully with the uniform guidance.

  • Procurement Policies under the Uniform Guidance (MS PowerPoint, 657KB)
  • Key Sections of Uniform Guidance Related to Procurement (MS Word, 53KB)

    Last Modified: 03/11/2016