Education Options in the States: State Programs That Provide Financial Assistance for Attendance at Private Elementary or Secondary Schools
Revised February 2009
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The Office of Non-Public Education in the Office of Innovation and Improvement within the U.S. Department of Education is pleased to provide this updated report on state programs that provide financial assistance for student attendance at private elementary and secondary schools. The information in this report was obtained primarily from state laws and regulations, official state documents, and Web sites of state education and revenue agencies; Erin McHugh, of the Office of Non-Public Education, edited this report. To the extent possible, state officials have confirmed information in this report. The Office of Non-Public Education is solely responsible for any errors or omissions.

Special thanks to the following individuals who have helpfully contributed to or reviewed drafts of this report:

  • Arizona Department of Education
    Doug Nick

  • Arizona Department of Revenue
    Georganna Meyer

  • Florida Department of Education
    Amy Graham
    Mike Kooi

  • Georgia Department of Education
    Jeff Gagne

  • Illinois State Board of Education
    Dr. Linda Tomlinson
    Patrick Murphy

  • Illinois Department of Revenue
    Debbie Best

  • Iowa Department of Education
    Angela Gullikson
    Michael Lipsman

  • Louisiana Department of Education
    Rashaunda Matthews

  • Maine Department of Education
    Karla Miller

  • Minnesota Department of Revenue;
    Rod Hoheisel
    Eric Johnson

  • Ohio Department of Education
    Kimberly Murnieks

  • Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
    Ted Knorr

  • Rhode Island Department of Education
    Janet Durfee-Hidalgo

  • Rhode Island Division of Taxation
    Peter McVay

  • Rhode Island Scholarship Alliance
    Kate Nagle

  • Utah State Office of Education
    Travis Rawlings

  • Vermont Budget Office
    Vaughn Altemus

  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
    Tricia Collins

  • Washington Scholarship Fund
    Jennifer Brown
    Sheldon Wallbrown

Jack Klenk
Office of Non-Public Education
U.S. Department of Education

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Last Modified: 04/30/2009