Learning Opportunities For Your Child Through Alternate Assessments

Archived Information. This document contains Archived information; This booklet introduces parents to the ''big ideas'' contained in school improvement efforts under NCLB and IDEA, and provides them with the information they need to help ensure that their children can benefit from these efforts. The end of this booklet identifies suggested sources of additional information that parents can use to help their children benefit from the nationwide education reform and accountability.

Archived Information

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Table of Contents

1.  Title
2.  Acknowledgments
3.  Introduction
4.  Big Idea 1: High Expectations for All Students
5.  Big Idea 2: Measuring Academic Achievement of All Students
6.  Big Idea 3: Access to Grade-Level Content
7.  Big Idea 4: Making Decisions One Child at a Time
8.  Big Idea 5: Counting All Students in School Achievement
9.  Bibliography
10.  Helpful Web Sites

Last Modified: 07/07/2009