2003/2004 Program Outcomes
No Child Left Behind Summer Reading Achievers, 2004 Pilot Program
Archived Information

Performance data regarding the implementation of Summer Reading Achievers was collected for both program years 2003 and 2004. We include here a summary of that data for 2003, regarding the implementation in the Atlanta Public Schools, and a summary of the data collected across the 11 pilot sites in 2004. In addition to collecting this data in 2003, the Atlanta Public Schools applied the data against a number of evaluation criteria, and again applied evaluation criteria against the data collected in 2004. While the evaluation was not endorsed by the Department in 2003, a summary of the 2004 evaluation report is available below. For more information, please contact Karen Stratman-Krusemark at karen.stratman-krusemark@ed.gov

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Last Modified: 09/06/2005