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Help! Questions & Answers — Preschool

What do I need to know to enroll my child in school?
Contact the school's main office directly or the school district office to find out what to bring to registration. Most states have health requirements and request proof of immunizations. Also, school districts have specific geographic boundaries they serve and may ask you to present information, such as a utility bill, that indicates you live within the district.

I do not feel comfortable speaking in English. What should I do?
You have the right to receive the same information about school matters as parents who speak English. Let school officials know that you do not speak English and that you would prefer to receive school-related information in the language that you speak and understand. You may also request an interpreter for parent-teacher conferences; school districts will make a reasonable effort to provide one. Contact your school district for more information about their translation and interpretation services.

Are there programs available for my child with disabilities?
Yes. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides federal assistance to states and local school districts for special education programs, including Individualized Education Programs (IEP) tailored to your child's learning disability. To learn more about IEPs visit the Department's Web site at http://www.ed.gov/parents/needs/speced/iepguide/index.html. For more information about programs in your state, contact your state office of special education through the information provided at http://www.ed.gov/about/contacts/state/index.html?src=ln.

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Last Modified: 10/11/2022