A Guide to the Tool Kit for Hispanic Families

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Letter from Secretary Spellings

Welcome, families!

Your child is engaged in one of life's most important pursuits—getting an edcation. As parents, you will be asked to make decisions to help steer him or her in the right direction. To make the right choices, you must have the best information. That's what the Toolkit for Hispanic Families is all about.

This toolkit will show you what to expect from your schools, your teachers and your child, at all ages and grade levels. It will tell you how to help your child through school, what resources are available, and what you, your family and your community can do to help your child learn.

Today, schoolchildren enjoy new benefits and expectations under the No Child Left Behind Act, the U.S. law for K-12 education. These include a quality education, regardless of one's country of origin or language spoken at home. Under this law, standards are higher, and all schools are held accountable for meeting them. Just as important, parents are empowered with information about their child's progress and their school's performance.

We want to help parents become involved in education—it's good for the children, good for their schools and good for America. Use this toolkit often to make sure your child gets the best education possible—the key to getting the very best out of life.

Margaret Spellings
U.S. Secretary of Education

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Last Modified: 10/11/2022