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Helping Your Child with Test-Taking
You can be a great help to your child if you follow these tips about tests and testing:


  • Get upset because of a single test score.
  • Place so much emphasis on your child’s test scores. Too much pressure can affect his or her test performance.


  • Encourage your child and provide praise for the things that he or she does well.
  • Meet with teachers and ask for test preparation activities that you and your child can do at home.
  • Make sure that your child attends school regularly.
  • Provide a quiet place for studying at home and make sure your child is well rested on school days.
  • Provide books and magazines for your child to read at home.
  • Help your child avoid test anxiety.

You can help reduce test anxiety by encouraging your child to do the following:

  • Plan ahead. Start studying for the test well in advance to avoid “cramming” the night before.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the day of the test.
  • On the day of the test, read all directions carefully before beginning work.
  • Look quickly at the entire test to see what types of questions are on it. This tactic will help determine how much time to spend on each part of the test.
  • Skip difficult questions and go on. If there is time at the end of the test, return to them and try again.

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Last Modified: 09/05/2013