Resources for the Family and Community Engagement Framework

Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Parents and Community as Partners in Education

REL Pacific offers a variety of technical assistance resources and tools. While the toolkits below were designed specifically for building family and community engagement capacity in Guam, they are easily adaptable to other populations and locations. An updated and more generalized version will be released in the coming months.

Part I: Building an Understanding of Family and Community Engagement

The toolkit is designed to guide school staff in strengthening partnerships with families and community members to support student learning and offers an integrated approach to family and community engagement, bringing together research, promising practices, and a wide range of useful tools and resources with explanations and directions for using them. PDF (2.9M)

Part 2: Building a Cultural Bridge

The toolkit focuses on tapping into the strengths of families and community members and helping families to establish active roles within the school community in support of student learning. PDF (772K)

Part 3: Building Trusting Relationships With Families and Community Through Effective Communication

The toolkit focuses on cross-cultural and two-way communication as ways to enhance family and community engagement. PDF (1.1M)

Part 4: Engaging All in Data Conversations

The toolkit helps school staff understand what data are important to share with families and community members and how to share such data. PDF (1,8M)

Last Modified: 08/10/2016