A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


PROGRAM NAME: Career Guidance and Counseling: A Community Education Approach

LOCATION: Flambeau School District (very rural and economically challenged), Wisconsin

POPULATION: All students (700), grades K-12, and community adults (over 500)


Doug Spielman, Guidance Counselor
Chuck Ericksen, Community Education Dir.
Flambeau School District
N5377 Maple St.
Tony, WI 54563
(715) 532-7760
(715) 532-5405 fax

DESCRIPTION: The aim of this program is to develop positive attitudes toward lifelong learning and skills which meet the personal, social, career and educational needs of all students. Students receive developmentally appropriate and sequential instruction, as well as counseling and other structured experiential learning opportunities. Adults participate in workshops, forums, and focus groups which develop personal and professional skills, helping them to be more successful employees, citizens and community leaders.

The program is based on partnerships and uses a team approach. Teachers, staff, parents, business persons, community leaders and representatives from social/human services agencies are part of the team. Personal/social learning and career awareness and planning are integrated through the Wisconsin Development Guidance Model. Student progress is documented through portfolios. Students use the Wisconsin Career Information System for career awareness and student assessment activities. There is emphasis on experiential learning.

PROGRAM EVALUATION: Continual evaluation and improvement occur through the use of focus group discussions involving community members, parents, teachers and staff, students, administrators and the school board. Program results are shared through articles, annual school performance reports, meetings, committees, and inservices. Employers evaluate the relative success of career awareness programs, "job shadowing" (mentoring) experiences and school supervised work. A graduate completer follow-up is submitted each year.


-Reduced drop-out rates (0 in 94-95)
-Increased student enrollment in postsecondary institutions
-Improved employability of graduates
-Many adults move on to two and four year colleges
-Students demonstrate high level of competency in self-assessment, career
awareness, career decision making and career planning

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