A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


PROGRAM NAME: Area Vocational Guidance and Counseling

LOCATION: Flasher, Roosevelt/Carson, Elgin and New Leipzig
Public Schools (small rural communities), North Dakota

POPULATION: All students (379), grades 7-12


Kim K. Schock
Guidance Counselor
Elgin Public
110 NW St., Box 70
Elgin, ND 58533
(701) 584-237
(701) 584-3018 fax

Dennis Steele
Career Development Supervisor
Board for VocTech Education
(701) 328-3180

Gaylynn L. Becker
Asst. Director of Counseling
Department of Public Instruction
(701) 328-2260

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this program is the development of the student in career maturity. Each student is provided services in the areas of career awareness, self-assessment, career information, decision-making skills and survival skills in the world of work. The program is built on the National Career Development Guidelines.

The main framework of the program is a Needs Matrix with Career Portfolio for each student. There is a definite link between the program aspects and the outcomes attained by the students. The program is directly involved with other community and school based programs. The four schools work together on curriculum review and school improvement process, as well as grant programs such as Goals2000-NorthDakota School Improvement Process, TechPrep, School-to-Work, and Drug Free Schools. These schools look at ways to improve school systems and programs by the sharing of information, networking, and teaching materials and resources.

PROGRAM EVALUATION: Continual evaluation is achieved by analyzing the completion of program activities as they relate to the National Career Development Guidelines. Most evaluations are conducted by the counselor with the administration, students, and parents. There is also evaluation by the site superintendent. A follow-up of all graduates is conducted every year.


-100% completion of student portfolios
-Very high completion rates for all vocational programs and the area vocational guidance program
-Sound team effort in place
- "Dollars for Scholars" scholarship foundation chapter has been formed

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