A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


PROGRAM NAME: School-Wide Counseling Program to Support Tech Prep

LOCATION: Elk Grove High School (suburban), Illinois

POPULATION: All students (1,587), grades 9-12


Anna Marie Yates
Elk Grove High School
500 W. Elk Grove Blvd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 718-4455
(847) 718-4515 fax

Nancy Harris
Career Guidance Consultant
State Board of Education
100 N. First St.
Springfield, IL 62777-0001
(217) 782-4620
(217) 782-9224 fax

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this program is to significantly reduce the number of students enrolled in the general education track by counseling them into appropriate career choices and Tech Prep. A developmental/preventive counseling program is being delivered to all students. This program is based on student outcomes/competencies and organized into a planned curriculum in which students are empowered to learn more effectively and efficiently; it is sequential, flexible and an integrated part of the total education process, involving all school personnel.

The program offers specialized counseling and intervention services and fosters maximum student growth and development in three domains: educational/academic, personal/social/physical and career. The program is led by a team of nine school counselors who are assisted by a social worker, school psychologist, school nurse, and service learning director. Peer helpers and mediators also assist students.

Career development strives to be a collaborative effort across the curriculum. The Career Advisory Council is a very focused and effective group. Students are afforded the opportunity to participate in several different school-to-work programs before they graduate. All students develop a life portfolio-Know Yourself from A to Z.

PROGRAM EVALUATION: The evaluation procedures used in this program are conducted individually for each component. On a broader scale, the district evaluates the entire program on the basis of a senior exit survey. There is also follow up of program completers and noncompleters.


-50% reduction in the general education track
-96% of seniors knew about Tech Prep
-Students receive more and better counseling
-More parent contact has been initiated; counseling activities increased

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