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Exemplary Career Guidance Programs

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Vocational and Adult Education and the National Center for Research in Vocational Education, in cooperation with the National Association of State Career Development/Guidance Supervisors and the American Vocational Association, conducts an annual search for exemplary career guidance and counseling programs. The purposes of the search are to recognize programs that are comprehensive and serve all students in their setting and to use these programs as models for others working to improve their programs. Programs recognized in 1996 and 1997 come from Idaho, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

Recognized programs may serve individuals in various public or private settings and educational levels. Settings may be a school district, a single school or an institution. Educational levels may include kindergarten through adult.

Recognized programs must be operational; reflect adequately the requirements and priorities of the State Department of Education in the state in which they operate; and meet the following criteria: (1) provide measured evidence of effectiveness; (2) provide measured evidence of cost effectiveness; and (3) offer all students the full range of educational option, including vocational-technical careers.

Applicants are judged primarily against 3 criteria: their career guidance and counseling program plan (45 points); collaboration, articulation and communication (20 points); and institutional support, leadership, and program evaluation (21 points).

Exemplary Programs for 1997-98

Exemplary Programs for 1996-97

Career Counseling, Idaho
Career Connection's Foundation: The Career Planning System, Florida
Comprehensive Career Guidance and Counseling, Texas
Parkland College, Illinois

Exemplary Programs for 1995-96

Career and Technology Education Guidance and Counseling, Texas
Shared Counselor Partnership, Texas
School-Wide Counseling Program to Support Tech Prep, Illinois
Comprehensive Career Guidance Program, Michigan
Career Guidance and Counseling: A Community Education Approach, Wisconsin
Area Vocational Guidance and Counseling, North Dakota

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