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Life Skills for State and Local Prisoners
Demonstration Project Abstract

Program Title: Life Skills for State and Local Prisoners

Project Title: Transitional Road to After Custody and Self Sufficiency

Award Number: V255A000073

Project Director: Darrel Long
Awardee: Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department
Address: 424 E. Hackett Road
City, State, Zip: Modesto, CA 95358
Telephone: 209-525-5618

Funds for Fiscal Year 2000:$449,500
Other Federal:$0
Total Funds:$615,879

Award Period: September 1, 2000 to August 31, 2003

Federal Project Officer: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Division of National Programs, Office of Correctional Education, (202) 205-5621

Objectives: The goal of the Transitional Road to After Custody and Self Sufficiency (TRACS) Program is to facilitate long-term public safety and cost effectiveness for the citizens of Stanislaus County by helping offenders become accountable, responsible, law abiding members of the community.

Procedures: TRACS will identify eligible inmate?s needs, deficiencies, and strengths through a comprehensive battery of assessment instruments. The design of the program combines life skills training, education, and substance abuse intervention with vocational preparation and job readiness, job development, job placement, relapse prevention and after-custody support and services.

Outcomes/Results/Products: The program will serve 100 student/inmate/clients each year; will be subject to a third party random-sample evaluation; will develop and disseminate extensive information as to its goals, implementation, operation, and outcomes; and will provide technical support to those considering replication of it highly tuned, high performance delivery of service.

Target Population: Incarcerated adults
Estimated Number of Trainees: 100
Partners: None

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