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U.S. Department of Education

Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

Division of National Programs (DNP)

Program Title: Life Skills for State & Local Prisoners

Project Title: Offender Life Skills

Award Number: V255A40108

Project Director: Susan E. Mills

Awardee: Tri-County Community Corrections

Street Address: 600 Bruce Street

City, State, Zip: Crookston, Minnesota 56716

Telephone: (218) 281-6363

Fax: (218) 281-7947

Funds By Fiscal Year: Federal: FY 1994$150,103
Other Federal: $
Non-Federal: FY 1994$ 24,730

Total Funds: $174,833
Federal Funds - 86% of total funds

Award Period: November 1, 1993 - October 31, 1996
Federal Project Officer: Carolyn Fuqua, Office of Correctional Ed, (202) 205-5621

Objective: To reduce offender recidivism through life skills training.To develop staff who promote and model pro-social behaviors.

Procedures: The project will utilize two classroom phases. The first phase will teach skills in goal setting and achievement, decisionmaking, and problem solving.The second phase will assist the resident in understanding and meeting the demands and expectations of employers.A comprehensive training program for staff will preface the offender program.

Outcomes/Results/Products: Short term goals of residents will be accomplished during incarceration.A life skills/on the job training program model will be developed, evaluated and disseminated.

Educational Level (s): Adults

Target Population (s): Incarcerated adults

Estimated Number of Trainees: 215 per year

Partner(s): Franklin Learning Systems

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